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Customized Packaging

Our customers are spread all across the globe, and our products reach them in various ways. To avoid any damage during transit, we ensure that we pack it properly. We also offer different customized packaging solutions to our clients.


After being finally checked, each product is carefully packed in bubble wrap or paper as appropriate, then shifted to corrugated cardboard boxes or inner boxes of 5 ply cartons. The sets are then packed in large cartons of 7 ply and sealed. These boxes are also covered with plastic film, ensuring more durability inside them and maintaining safety during transit. We use a shrink wrap machine and strapping machine to pack the products properly.

Custom boxing, and/or brand labeling is available. Post ready packaging is also an option.


We have a large-sized storage facility for our entire range of products. We maintain a controlled temperature in our warehouse to prevent corrosion or rusting, cracking, or other adversaries due to moisture and improper handling. Our company’s streamlined storage process is made easier with properly labelled sections for each product category, which helps in easy inventory management and dispatch of the products at the final destination.


The whole process and material used for packaging provide durability to the products while being stored and transported. Once the products are fully packed and stored in a warehouse, they are ready for shipment. We ensure that the consignment is delivered safely to the final destination within the specified time