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Purveyors of fine historic arts:
Lord of Battles Worldwide is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of ancient replicas, bringing forth the art & craft of the bygone age to the contemporary world.
Chainmail and Plate Armour, Leather Armour, Medieval Clothing, Helmets, Shields, Swords & other Weapons, Medieval Camping kit, Damascus and Horn & Bone products are just a few examples out of our wide range of products from the medieval era. Our collection of accurately replicated Souvenirs / Miniatures of helmets, swords, shields & armour is popularly in demand at gift stores. Not only that, but we are also catering to the film & television world in a big way, with our most affordable & practical series of Fantasy / Movie Armour.

At our facility, we are engaged relentlessly in discovering, refining & developing antique replicas. Our research associates travel down the history lane to learn intricate details of ancient weaponry. Doing so gives us an edge over crude imitators. We understand the necessity of keeping our products as close to the originals as possible to protect their worthiness. Our qualified & trained research personnel ensure that our customers get the latest & technologically advanced range of historically accurate products.

All our products are “tailor-made”. Each product, devised with our clientele in mind, is best suited to their demands. A product designed for a theatre group may look similar to the one produced for re-enactment or a mock battle group, but since we persevere in uniqueness, each product is devised distinctively and mindful of the utility, cost, effectiveness, worthiness, and comfort of the item. Other than for use in actual battle situations, our products are a big hit amongst well-known specialized prop and gift stores. That means we not only cater to professionals but also care for all the art lovers out there!!!

Contract Manufacturing:
Another specialized service provided by our company is contract manufacturing of products. Our good quality products have helped us to retain our customers for years. We have been maintaining a long-lasting relation with our clients, and as a result, we also undergo contract manufacturing.

We know that ceaselessly delivering quality products earns the trust and respect of our clients, and to achieve high-quality standards, we have adopted an extremely reliable quality control system. We follow a stringent quality control policy & hence, we thoroughly examine all our products. We ensure that nothing but the best goes into our production & nothing, but the best emerges from it. The checks done at all stages help us offer flawless products to our clients. Our adherence to the highest standards has won us the confidence and loyalty of our quality-conscious customers.
Procurement of raw materials: We yield all our raw materials from reliable sources, having a long tradition of supplying good quality stuff to our organization. Our tenacious team maintains a strict vigil on the quality of the sourced raw material.

Sampling & Designing: We design samples for the products approved by our customers and management team. All these designs develop with proper attention to detail by us.

Manufacturing: We ensure that the products manufactured are in adherence to the sample approved.

Finishing: Our QC team is always alert in the final finishing of the product to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance.

Packing and shipping: Once the product gets a final touch, it goes through another round of checking. The slightest problems, if any, can be detected and hence, resolved. The final products are packed and shipped by our quality control department ensuring, that only the optimal quality products, conforming to export quality standards, are delivered from our factory premises.

Following are the options available for the delivery of consignments:

Air: This is the fastest mode of sending & receiving deliveries.

Sea: This is the most affordable mode of delivery. A consignment scheduled for USA or Europe through this approach may take 40-45 days to reach.

Courier: Certainly the most hassle-free mode, there is minimal paperwork involved & delivery is door to door. DHL / FedEx courier offers special rates for consignments above 100 kilograms.

Postal: For those, who do not want to spend a fortune on courier service and do not mind waiting, can opt for this mode, allowing your consignments to deliver at your doorstep. Applicable for consignments below 20 kilograms.

You would pay actual shipping costs based on the final dimensions & the weight of the consignment. We always estimate and provide these costs for you before confirming your order. The delivery charges may vary from time to time due to fluctuating market prices.

Payment Mode
All our money transactions are through a bank transfer, demand draft, an irrevocable letter of credit or Western Union Money Transfer / Money Gram. We expect a minimum of 50% payment in advance for confirming the order and balance the other half just before dispatch of the consignment.


If you are not completely satisfied with your order for any reason, you can return it in its original condition within 20 days, and we will immediately issue a refund for the purchase amount. (Shipping costs are, of course, not refundable).

We have a focused & well-defined business philosophy, which helps us scale new heights of success in the national & international markets.

• Our corporate philosophy is to ensure complete customer satisfaction by manufacturing & delivering world-class products.
• Our production facilities have state-of-the-art machinery & we have the expertise to produce premium quality ancient replicas, finished with precision.
• Our cutting-edge manufacturing process ensures that our clients stay provided with the highest quality at competitive rates.
• As a team, we are fully committed and technically equipped to meet the demands of our clients.
• We offer excellent service support to our clients that enable them to procure our products easily & in short time frames.
• Our company adheres to strict delivery schedules & a strategic pricing policy that has helped us mark our presence worldwide. We always ship on time. We’ve been around for years and, we have always tried to deliver our products on the dot, maintaining a 99% on-time delivery record.

Our customers are spread all across the globe, and our products reach them in various ways. To avoid any damage during transit, we ensure that we pack it properly. We also offer different customized packaging solutions to our clients.

After being finally checked, each product is carefully packed and then shifted to corrugated cardboard boxes or inner boxes of 5 ply cartons. The sets are then packed in large cartons of 7 ply and sealed. These boxes are also covered with fabric, ensuring more durability inside them and maintaining safety during transit. We use a shrink wrap machine and strapping machine to pack the products properly.

We have a large-sized storing facility for our entire range of products. We maintain a controlled temperature in our warehouse to prevent corrosion or rusting, cracking, or other adversaries due to moisture and improper handling. Our company’s streamlined storage process is made easier with properly labelled sections for each product category, which helps in easy inventory management and dispatch of the products at the final destination.

The whole process and material used for packaging provide durability to the products while being stored and transported. Once the products are fully packed and stored in a warehouse, they are also ready for shipment. We ensure that the consignment is delivered safely to the final destination within the specified time.