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Our R & D Team

At our facility, we are engaged relentlessly in discovering, refining & developing antique replicas. Our research associates travel down the history lane to learn intricate details of ancient weaponry. Doing so gives us an edge over crude imitators. We understand the necessity of keeping our products as close to the originals as possible to protect their worthiness. Our qualified & trained research personnel ensure that our customers get the latest & technologically advanced range of historically accurate products.

All our products are “tailor-made”. Each product, devised with our clientele in mind, is best suited to their demands. A product designed for a theatre group may look similar to the one produced for re-enactment or a mock battle group, but since we persevere in uniqueness, each product is devised distinctively and mindful of the utility, cost, effectiveness, worthiness, and comfort of the item. Other than for use in actual battle situations, our products are a big hit amongst well-known specialized prop and gift stores. That means we not only cater to professionals but also care for all the art lovers out there!!!

Contract Manufacturing:
Another specialized service provided by our company is contract manufacturing of products. Our good quality products have helped us to retain our customers for years. We have been maintaining a long-lasting relation with our clients, and as a result, we also undergo contract manufacturing.