Medieval Black Baron 14th century Hourglass Gauntlets

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Looking for a historically inspired pair of gauntlets that could surely enhance your 14th-century reenactment costumes? Then these hourglass gauntlets, with their elegant shape and historical decorations, are best-suited for you!

Among all our gauntlets, they offer a wide range of movement and maximum mobility for your wrist, thanks to their wide cuffs typical of that period.

No real surprise in that, as these have been directly inspired by an actual original dated from the second half of the 14th century and nowadays on display in Florence (Italy).

Meticulously handmade from sturdy 16-gauge MILD STEEL, these are sturdy and will last many battles. These fasten using robust leather straps and solid brass buckles. For better comfort and grip, these come attached with suede leather gloves. Their total length is approx. 27 cms (from the tip of the middle finger to the lowermost point of the gauntlet). ONE SIZE FIT ALL

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