Eldric ‘The Adventurer’ Cotton Canvas Bag with Four Pouches


Eldric, a daring adventurer, stood on the cusp of his boldest quest yet: breaking into the kingdom’s most heavily guarded castle. As he sneaked through the dimly lit corridors, he reached into his trusty bag’s depths, fingers finding the vial of his prized potion of invisibility. Swiftly gliding past vigilant guards and into the heart of the fortress – the throne room where his ultimate prize awaited – the mystical gem.

He delved back into his bag again for his burglar’s kit. The intricate mechanism yielded to his skill, and the locker swung open. Eldric carefully placed the gem into one of his pouch’s pockets – one of the two pockets that mattered most. The other, beside it, held his first aid kit, just in case he stumbles on a trap and ends up with an arrow in his knee!

This four-pouch bag is tailored from 220 gsm canvas cotton. Each pocket has an opening of 33 cm in circumference and a depth of 10 cm each. Each flap is 11 cm long and 9.5 cm wide and closes using antique brass buttons. The total length of the flap behind the pouches is 38.5 cm and its total length is 13.5 cm. The strap is about 95 cm long and about 3 cm wide. Since some parts of its production involve manual craftsmanship, there may be slight variations in size.

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