16th-17th century cuirassier Gauntlets

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The battle is about to start. Your squadron is called to the front, and as you calmly take your place in the first line, you know while clutching your deadly blade that your good old gauntlets won’t let any impact reach your hands.

These gauntlets have been among our most popular gauntlets for years and have been widely appreciated both in LARP and reenactment for the nice look and mobility that they offer.

There is little surprise in this as they were directly based on the original 16th-17th cuirassier’s gauntlets known for the good mobility they offered!

This pair of gauntlets is meticulously HANDCRAFTED from sturdy 16-gauge MILD STEEL plates carefully riveted together to offer proper articulation and minimize any movement restriction. Each finger is made of several tiny finger lames painstakingly riveted to a high-quality leather strip. Additional sturdy leather straps across the palm and at the wrist help secure the gauntlet in place during all your battle.


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