Handcrafted Plain DIY Leather Belt 3.8cm wide


Leather belts are great, but they become even more special when you can customize them to your liking! Create a unique medieval look with our eye-catching decorations for your special characters, or keep it simple with a plain, non-decorative version for your ordinary characters such as merchants, peasants, or adventurers, using our selection of medieval buckles. Our DIY plain leather belts allow you to have it all!

Handcrafted from 3-3.3mm thick GENUINE LEATHER, this belt is 3.8cm wide, comes in three lengths of 130cm, 150cm and 170cm, and is also available in brown as well, adding to its versatility. NOTE: Since this is authentic buff leather, make sure to keep it away from moisture; clean it regularly with linen (or any soft cloth); if the stain pertains, damp cloth and some lather out of mild soap will do the needful.

Choose an option130cm150cm170cm
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Black, Brown


130cm, 150cm, 170cm


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