Classic Loose Steel Scales 100 pieces


Regardless of the time period you want to re-enact: from antiquity where scale armour was one of the most popular forms of armour among the Roman Empire and its enemies, but even before that, it was widely popular among the Greeks, and many other civilizations like the Assyrians, Persians, Scythians, and Sarmathians. The practice of protecting the warrior with scale continued well into the dark ages, especially the warriors of Charlemagne, the Frankish emporer, who had scale-protected warriors as a part of his cavalry. It was used continuously in different areas, well into the middle age, occasionally used up to the late middle ages. And as surprising as it may sound, among the last warriors to use scale armour were the legendary Winged Hussars! It is these parameters that make it the most popular type of protection through history, from early antiquity straight to the Polish Winged Hussars! And just when historicity wasn’t enough, this set of scales can assemble an ultimate warrior outfit from your favourite medieval fantasy universe!

These scales are made from sturdy 20 gauge MILD STEEL and measure approximately (2.6 X 4) cm each. We provide these scales in a pack of 100 pieces that weighs approximately 1 Kg and 615 grams. Each hole measures 4mm in diameter. Note: This set of scales is carefully coated with a layer of oil when packaged that acts as a temporary (protective) layer against corrosion (rust), which can easily be wiped off using any oil remover or even a dry cloth.

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