Medieval Brigandine with Riveted Steel Plates Body Armor


Our medieval brigandine is the perfect accessory for your next LARP costume or your upcoming ren fair cosplay or medieval event. This arrangement style of riveted steel plates on the inside isWely quite unusual but not unheard of. We have decided to loosely base our brigandine on an existing Sage Statue of 1270 from the Wienhausen Monastry in modern-day Germany. This statue displays the same kind of plate arrangement for the upper torso, but we decided to add spaulders to protect the upper arm of the soldier, making it a perfect piece of costume for any front-line fighter. And when you want to score maximum life points in your next LARP, you can easily pair it with a gambeson, chainmail, and the brigandine itself with a gorgeous belt for a stunning look!

Between the two well-crafted layers of ROBUST CANVAS COTTON are firmly riveted steel plates, enriching its performance as a great, defensive clothing armor. It comes in three sizes; its detailed version is available in the well-framed size chart with the photographs.

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