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Meet the Lord of Battles

Saurabh Mahajan, a former Indian Army officer, is making history in medieval battles grounds.’s Archana Masih meets the man who has supplied vintage armour and war props to Assassin’s Creed, The Hobbit and knights…

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Battle Armour

‘Game of Thrones’ to ‘Assassin’s Creed’, how Lord of Battles makes in India but sells abroad. How Dehradun-based Lord of Battles is making medieval era war dramas more authentic with their handcrafted products

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Prop shop

Films and shows like Game of Thrones, Gladiator and Troy may belong to throwback era, but they owe their look to present-day Meerut and Dehradun

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Dressing Up Vintage Warriors

Where did the shinning armours in Michael Fassbender starrer Assassin’s Creed or for that matter gorgets worn in the Merlin series come from? One doesn’t have to look far as Lord of Battles is decking up fighters in foreign…

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