Late Medieval Knightly Steel Greaves


Most people think that medieval greaves were only used in the late Medieval period by the time knights started to wear full plate armour. But actually, we do have proof that they were used by medieval men at arms as early as 1245-1250. In the Maciejowski Bible (Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, Ms M. 638) the giant Goliath is shown using them! Initially, those greaves were protecting only the front of the lower legs, reinforcing this vulnerable area so often attacked when the knights were charging infantry. With time fully enclosed greaves became available but the good old half-greaves were far too convenient and versatile to be abandoned and kept being used side by side with the newer forms.

Its nice historically accurate anatomical shape allows for an optimal fit and an authentic look. Handmade from sturdy 16-gauge MILD STEEL, fully functional for the battlefield. Comes with sturdy steel buckles and genuine leather straps. These are 39cm long, 11.5cm wide from the top and 9.7cm wide from the bottom. This pair is ideal for historical reenactment, medieval fairs, and all knightly or infantry costumes from late medieval Europe.

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