Medieval Fantasy Knightly Greaves


Those creatures from your enemy’s realm think twice before they make way to yours. For your realm is guarded by you; a mighty knight, mounted on his faithful horse, donning his ELEGANT KNIGHTLY GREAVES which have protected the guardian in all his quests and made him stand out. So make sure to suit up with our MEDIEVAL FANTASY KNIGHTLY GREAVES while you suit up for your next LARP, cosplay, reenactment, or medieval event. NOTE: This product is carefully coated with a layer of oil when packaged that acts as a temporary (protective) layer against corrosion (rust), which can easily be wiped off using any oil remover or even a dry cloth.

These greaves are HANDMADE from sturdy 16 gauge MILD STEEL that makes them fully functional and are sure to accompany you in almost every event, battle after battle. These fasten using two robust leather straps and steel buckles. Each greave measures approximately 35.5cm(13.9inches) in length, 15cm (5.9inches) in upper width, 12cm (4.7inches) in lower width. These greaves are available in one size that fits most.

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