13th-14th Century Great / Pot Helm


This Medieval Great Helm is HANDMADE from 18gauge MILD STEEL. The faux leather lining ensures comfort and proper alignment with the eye slit. An approximate inner circumference of 70cm (without liner) gives it one size to fit most (67cm with liner). The height is about 32 cm, the inner width at ear level is 21 cm, and the inner depth from front to back at eye level measures about 24.5 cm. The eye slits measure (9.1×1.1) cm. A sturdy chin strap with a brass buckle ensures your helmet stays in place during battles.

Note: This product is carefully coated with a layer of oil when packaged that acts as a temporary (protective) layer against corrosion (rust), which can easily be wiped off using any oil remover or even a dry cloth. All measurements are in approximation.

Have you always dreamed of playing the heavily armoured knight in your favourite LARP, Ren fair, or medieval fair, without breaking the bank? Then look no further! Its 20 gauge, PURE BRASS Cross riveted to the helm’s front makes it look straight out of the Middle Ages! So you can be sure that this gorgeous great helm will make you stand out in your next event!

By the end of the 13th century and the beginning of the 14th century, the helm reached its most elegant form. So by this time, the knight’s head was fully enclosed and well protected from all sides, making this type of helm more suited to the chaos of the melee than the older versions with just a faceplate, which mainly focused on defending the knight from attacks coming from the front.

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